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About our business

Eurocentrum Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an association of scientific - technical created in 1975 whose activities include consultancy, training and information. The dominant form of service is offering training for the various businesses and individuals.

Over thorty-activity of the association in Ostrów Wielkopolski helped shape the company's image as a center providing professional services primarily targeted to the sector of Small and Medium Enterprises and the people taking their own business.

Eurocentrum mission was, is and will undoubtedly contributing to the wider technical environment by maintaining the highest quality services and improvement of training knowledge and practical skills of the economic sector, in accordance with the motto "Professionalism, experience and practice."

The main objectives and tasks Eurocentrum is primarily to support and promote entrepreneurship and innovation, in particular:

  • development of innovative economy, particularly small and medium business, by initiating   any action to support the implementation of scientific and research - the practice of development and business cooperation with scientific and research and development,
  • building a positive image of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs
  • promotion of modern management techniques,
  • developing educational activities consisting in promoting, organizing and popularize in schools and workplaces knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship, the protection of industrial property,
  • initiating actions for scientific and technical progress among young people, taking action conducive to the development and cooperation of local government and business institutions,
  • promotion of good experience from the European Union,
  • coordination of activities, information exchange, development of working methods and improving the qualifications of consultants to support small and medium business in a way that ensures compliance with accreditation requirements of the association.

In addition, the association offers free information services in the Consultation Puncie Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and Information Point of the European Commission - Europe Direct South Wielkopolska. The high quality of service guarantees Certificate ISO 9001:2009 for the provision of training, information, advisory and accreditation in the National System of Services - KSU.

During the thirty-business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Eurocentrum established itself as one of the major institutions that support regional development in the Wielkopolska region and country. Driven by the association, in the last five years was close to 350 new businesses and has trained almost 40 000 people.


Eurocentrum Innowacji i Przedsiębiorczości
ul. Budowlanych 5
63 - 400 Ostrów Wielkopolski

tel/fax +48 62 736 10 27
e-mail: biuro@euro.ctiw.pl

Eurocentrum Innowacji i Przedsiębiorczości Ostrów Wielkopolski
ul. Budowlanych 5
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
tel/fax: 62 736 10 27